Where is David Lemak Now?

March 19, 2024

From her shackled position in an isolation cell, Marilyn Lemak splits her time between Courtroom 4000 and the family home. Her trial is expected to run through the holidays and possibly into the new year. At the end, jurors will be asked to fill in one of two verdict forms: guilty or not guilty but mentally ill.

If convicted, she faces life in prison. Her attorneys are expected to argue that she was insane at the time of the slayings. But it is a difficult defense, and even serial killer John Wayne Gacy failed to convince jurors that he was insane when he murdered 33 young men and boys in 1978.

During her trial, Lemak quaked and rocked herself in the cell. Her voice cracked and she wept as a witness read out the unanimous verdicts against her for drugging and suffocating her three children, Nicholas, 7, Emily, 6, and Thomas, 3.

Prosecutors will concentrate on evidence that supports their revenge-of-a-wife-scorned theory of how the Lemaks died. In addition to the handwritten notes, prosecutors will point to a harassing phone call that Lemak allegedly made to Ryan on Feb. 19, three weeks before the murders. Prosecutors will also highlight statements that Lemak made to police and paramedics in the aftermath of the killings, which they will depict as ramblings of a deranged woman.


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