Where is David Jessop Now?

September 7, 2023

As of this writing, it's unclear whether David Preston Jessop is still alive. He has reportedly cut himself off from the public and doesn't have any traceable social media profiles, but it is known that he is living a low-key life off the grid in Montana. He is believed to be around 44 years old.

It is also not known what he does for a living, but it has been revealed on a GoFundMe page that he has a "beautiful wife" and four children with her. He allegedly has Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and is trying to raise money to pay for natural treatments that aren't covered by insurance. The GoFundMe was started by his sister-in-law Stacy Jessop, but he hasn't spoken publicly about the fundraiser or his current condition.

Jessop and Robyn Brown divorced in 2009, a year before the Sister Wives show premiered on TLC. The reality star has since moved on with her new husband Kody Brown and hasn't spoken about her time in a polygamist marriage, but she did mention that she rarely ever argues with her ex during an April 2021 episode of the show.

Although she's never addressed it publicly, Robyn has previously claimed that she suffered domestic abuse from her first husband. She said that the abuse was one of the main reasons why she ended their relationship. She has also stated that her kids were mistreated by their father, which may be why she agreed to relinquish her parental rights for them. Her three kids were adopted by Kody and his other wives, and reportedly haven't seen their biological father in almost two years.


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