Where is Daryl Hannah Now?

September 7, 2023

For a few decades, Daryl Hannah was one of Hollywood’s sexiest leading ladies. Her face was on posters in girls’ bedrooms and her movies were top grossing hits. She appeared in everything from family comedies to neo-noir science fiction films. Women wanted to be her and men wanted to be with her. But then she disappeared.

She took up the stage for a while and continued to do a few smaller film roles. Then Quentin Tarantino offered her a role that would put her back in the spotlight. She starred in the Kill Bill series as ice cold, one-eyed assassin Elle Driver.

The 67-year-old hasn’t been back on the big screen since but she has stayed busy writing, directing, and producing. She has also done some theater acting and has made several Syfy originals as well as for-TV movies.

Hannah is also active in environmental activism. She has been arrested on five occasions while protesting for causes such as the Keystone Pipeline and climate change denial. She also founded the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance and has written about her efforts on self sufficiency for various publications.

In more personal news, she has been dating musician Neil Young for nearly a decade. She lives between two off-the-grid homes in California and Colorado. She’s a vegan and keeps dozens of rescue animals on her properties. She also drives a hybrid car that runs on waste grease from fast food restaurants. She and her partner even created a board game called LIEbrary.


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