Where Is Dagmar Midcap Now? Exploring Her New Path

May 30, 2024

Over a dozen years of familiarizing San Diegans with their local weather, Dagmar Midcap bids farewell to NBC 7. Her departure signals a shift from weather coverage to immersing herself in her enduring passions—animals and environmental conservation.

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Dagmar Midcap's Career Evolution

San Diego's Beloved Meteorologist

In 2011, Dagmar Midcap joined KNSD, quickly becoming a cherished figure in San Diego households. Her unique blend of passion and whimsy turned weather forecasts into an engaging experience. Colleagues like Monica Dean highlighted Dagmar's irreplaceable presence, noting how gracefully she managed unexpected technical issues, often with humor.

Diverse Roles and Achievements

Besides her role at KNSD, Dagmar's career encompasses various roles, including a weather anchor for CBS in Atlanta and a Canadian traffic reporter. Her stint in the film industry saw appearances in movies like "Case 39" alongside Bradley Cooper and Renée Zellweger. Her journey even extended to automotive journalism, showcasing her versatility and broad interests.

Passions Beyond Weather Reporting

Advocate for Wildlife and Environment

Her transition from weather coverage marks a return to her true passions—wildlife conservation and environmental issues. Dagmar fondly recalls traveling across Southern California, engaging with wildlife and individuals dedicated to its preservation.

Down to Earth

Dagmar's new chapter will involve her "Down to Earth" project, which focuses on creating environmental awareness and showcasing the beauty of our planet. She aims to dive deep into the impacts of climate change and hopes to actively contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

Looking Forward

Future Endeavors

In what she terms her "third act"—possibly her 10th or 12th—Dagmar remains open to various future locations. Whether it's in Boston, remaining in San Diego, or even moving to Tanzania, her commitment to promoting environmental awareness will continue to guide her path.

Messages of Support and Farewell

Dagmar's heartfelt goodbye message to her viewers reflects an optimistic outlook, suggesting that her departure from San Diego might not be permanent. Her colleagues and NBC 7 management expressed their admiration and support for her new journey, with vice-president of news Greg Dawson acknowledging her uniqueness and wishing her well in her new adventures.

As Dagmar Midcap steps away from NBC 7, she leaves behind a legacy of warmth, passion, and humor, while stepping into a role that promises to make a significant impact on the environment and the world around us.

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