Where is Cryaotic Now?

September 7, 2023

Having made his claim to fame on YouTube with Let’s Play videos and reading stories through the video games he plays, Cryaotic has built up a large following. However, since the allegations of him grooming underage fans came to light in June 2020, his channel has been suspended, and he has also lost his partnership with Twitch.

Despite this, he still manages to maintain a strong following on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Cryaotic’s net worth is estimated at $600,000, and he is known to live a modest lifestyle.

He has never revealed his face and lays a strong emphasis on maintaining privacy. He also reveals very little about his personal life in his videos. However, his personality is one that has struck a chord with viewers all over the world.

The last time Cryaotic was seen playing with PewDiePie was in September 2022. Since then, PewDiePie has moved on to other games, and the two haven’t played together since.

Currently, Cryaotic is focusing on his other channels and he isn’t planning on returning to YouTube anytime soon. Until his channel is reinstated or he decides to make a comeback, you can find him streaming on Twitch every night. He has a lot of loyal followers and they are hoping for him to return soon. In the meantime, they are still watching his other videos and supporting him on social media. It might take some time for Cryaotic to recover from this unfortunate event, but we are sure he will make it through.


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