Where is Cote De Pablo Now?

September 7, 2023

Since the inception of social media, fans have been able to gain more access into the lives of their favorite celebrities than ever before. However, this has also given the stars themselves more control over their personal information. In the case of Cote de Pablo, she hasn't shared a lot about her personal life to her fans. This has led to questions about her whereabouts and whether she'll return to the show as Ziva.

The Chilean-American actress and singer Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez, better known by her stage name Cote De Pablo, was born on November 12, 1979. She is most renowned for her role as Special Agent Ziva David on the hit CBS series NCIS, which she portrayed for 194 episodes.

Cote de Pablo's career continues to flourish post-NCIS, proving her versatility and commitment to the art of acting. Her participation in projects ranging from biographical dramas to historical miniseries highlights her dedication to taking on roles with depth, meaning, and relevance.

Cote De Pablo is currently working on a new movie titled The Crossing. This short film will see the former NCIS star reunite with her NCIS co-stars Paul Magliato and Maria J. Glorioso. It is being directed by Roxanna Lewis.

The actress has been busy with the post-production work of the film. In the meantime, she has been watching Margot Robbie's latest blockbuster Barbie and praises it. We will keep you updated on any further news regarding the release date of this film.


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