Where Is Connie Stevens Now? A Life of Resilience and Talent

May 31, 2024

Connie Stevens, born Concetta Ingoglia in Brooklyn in 1938, demonstrated a knack for performing from an early age, inspired by her musically inclined parents. Her mother, Eleanor, performed with jazz groups, while her father, Peter, played drums under the stage name Teddy Stevens. By 15, Connie had moved to Los Angeles and was already singing in an all-girl quartet.

Early Life & Rise to Fame

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Connie's journey in entertainment began in her teenage years. Moving to Los Angeles as a teen, she quickly found her footing in the industry. Her initial breakthrough came with her first film role in 1957's "Dragstrip Riot." This was followed by appearances in popular TV series like "Sugarfoot" and "Maverick". Her duet with Edd Byrnes, "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)" in 1959, marked her entry into the music charts. She became widely recognized as Cricket Blake in Warner’s detective series "Hawaiian Eye" (1959-1963) and recorded pop hits like 1960's "Sixteen Reasons." Additionally, she acted in Warner Bros. films such as "Parrish" and "Susan Slade."

Personal Life & Marriages

"Connie Stevens" by Alan Light is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/.


Connie's personal life saw its share of ups and downs. She married actor James Stacy in 1963, but the relationship ended in 1966 partly due to his abusive behavior. In 1967, she married crooner Eddie Fisher, with whom she had two daughters, Joely and Tricia. Unfortunately, this marriage too was short-lived, ending in 1969 due to Fisher’s substance abuse and infidelity.

Single Motherhood

Following her divorce from Fisher, Connie focused on raising her daughters as a single mother. Her career continued to flourish as she balanced parenting with professional commitments, including performances in Las Vegas and acting in films such as "The Sex Symbol". Despite a nomadic lifestyle, her daughters felt loved and supported, reflecting Connie's dedication as a mother.

Continued Career Success

1970s Onwards

The 1970s and beyond saw Connie maintaining her presence in entertainment. She appeared on TV shows like "The Love Boat," "Wonder Woman," and "Laverne & Shirley." Her last major chart hit was 1970's "Keep Growing Strong." Additionally, she performed regularly in Las Vegas and ventured into the business world by launching her cosmetics company, "Forever Spring."

Directorial & Entrepreneurial Pursuits

In 2009, Connie made her directorial debut with the independent film "Saving Grace B. Jones." Her creative journey continued as she starred alongside her daughter, Joely, in 2016's "Search Engines." Connie continued to explore various creative fields, showcasing her persistence and adaptability.

Health Setbacks & Assisted Living

Health Issues

In 2016, Connie suffered a massive stroke at age 78, which led to hospitalization and extensive rehabilitation. She also suffers from osteoarthritis and experiences memory lapses and vision issues typical of her age. These health concerns have necessitated her move to assisted living.

Spirited Resilience

Despite her health challenges, Connie maintains a vibrant spirit. She humorously shares her love for Chick-fil-A and her aversion to healthy foods. Connie cherishes quality time with her daughters and family, maintaining her positive outlook.

Legacy & Impact

Enduring Influence

Connie Stevens is regarded as a triple-threat entertainer and an example of resilience and talent. She is a pioneering figure for female artists in Hollywood and continues to be remembered for her work ethic, vibrant personality, and strong family bonds.

Family Bond

Connie maintains a close relationship with her daughters, Joely and Tricia, who continue her artistic legacy. Known for her affectionate and supportive nature, Connie has created a loving family dynamic that endures even through health challenges.

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