Where is Colton Harris-Moore Now?

September 7, 2023

A decade ago, Colton Harris-Moore was a teenager from Camano Island, Washington, who went on a crime spree that involved car and plane thefts, burglaries, and other heists. His exploits earned him a national following and the nickname “the Barefoot Bandit,” because he often did his crimes while running away barefoot and leaving bare footprints at some of the scenes.

His criminal escapades landed him in prison, where he was released on probation in September of 2016. He has since been keeping a low profile and focusing on trying to rebuild his life. But, he hasn’t stopped breaking the law.

In May of this year, he was arrested in the Bahamas for allegedly stealing a drone and flying it into the country without proper flight permits. He was flown back to the United States and is expected in court tomorrow.

During the heist, police say he used his stolen GPS device to track the drone to a dock on Harbour Island, then threw it into the ocean and ran off the boat. They eventually caught up to him and he fought them off. Harris-Moore is a self-taught pilot who has been known to steal and fly airplanes, though he does not have formal flight training.

He’s been a fugitive since 2008, when he escaped from a juvenile halfway house in Washington and went on a spree that involved several plane and boat thefts. He’s also been convicted of a string of other crimes and was once sentenced to more than seven years in prison.


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