Where Is Color Me Badd Now?

November 16, 2023

Where Is Color Me Badd Now?

Bryan Abrams, Mark Calderon and Sam Watters are the only original members of the group still active in music. They formed the group in the mid-1980s at their high school, Northwest Classen in Oklahoma City. They would perform impromptu a cappella auditions for any business or celebrity they encountered.

The band released their first album in 1992, which included a single called All 4 Love that peaked at number 15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was followed by a remix album, Mo' Money and the group's fourth and last album, Awakening. The album didn't have the same success as their debut.

After the release of the album, the band started to break up. Tim Higgins left to go into the military, and Thornton got married and decided to become a minister. Abrams also developed an alcohol problem. He says that he passed up many opportunities to record as a solo artist out of loyalty to the band he helped create. He is now a licensed minister and oversees Kevin Thornton Ministries in Texas.

In 2018, the lead vocalist was arrested for pushing his fellow band mate offstage at a concert in Waterloo, New York. The police reported that he shoved his fellow band member out of the way to protect himself from a fight with a fan. The incident was captured on video and went viral. The police later charged him with assault in the third degree and he is now in jail on $200,000 bail.


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