Where Is Colby Tutt Now?

April 6, 2023

A mother who was convicted of the attempted murder of her then 13-year-old son is seen protesting her innocence while awaiting trial in a new documentary.

Danita Tutt, 44, from Cleburne, Texas, was accused of lying about her son Colby’s medical condition, subjecting him to unnecessary surgeries and intentionally depriving him of food and water. She was convicted in 2018 and sentenced to five years in prison.

In the documentary, she tells the judge she was a ‘good mother’ who tried to get her son the treatment he needed. She also says her only crime was to care for Colby.

After Colby had been removed from her care, he was found to have made a dramatic recovery and was able to eat solid foods. He had previously been ill and he had suffered from malnutrition, sepsis and other complications.

Then, in May 2016, Tutt and her husband Clint Tutt were arrested by Child Protective Services after removing Colby from his hospice care. During weeks of testimony, the defense argued that no criminal act had occurred and that Tutt was a good mother who wanted to get her son the necessary medical attention.

The investigation into Tutt’s actions led to a revocation of her parental rights, and her two children were placed in the care of their maternal grandparents. The family’s saga has captivated the public and has received a mixed response, with varying degrees of support and rejection.


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