Where is Colby Ryan Now?

September 7, 2023

Where is colby ryan now

As the case of Lori Vallow — the woman accused of murdering her two younger children — draws to a close with her upcoming trial, eldest son Colby Ryan has become front and center. Ryan, now a grown man, has shared his thoughts and feelings about his mother’s actions as part of the Netflix docuseries Sins of Our Mother. He has also spoken out about his life since the tragedy, including his relationship with his current wife Kelsee Ryan.

On Tuesday, an emotional 2020 jail call between Vallow and her only surviving son was played for an Idaho jury who will decide whether the cult mom is guilty of the siblings’ death. In the call, Colby Ryan allegedly told his mother he wished he could hit her new husband in the face with a shovel. The siblings’ remains were later discovered buried on that man’s property.

Colby has also spoken about how he feels about his mother’s remarriage to Chad Daybell, the man who was arrested in February 2022 for failing to turn over the kids. In the docuseries, he reveals how he was confused and hurt by his mom’s choices, including her decision to divorce Joseph Ryan and marry the man who would ultimately be killed in self-defense.

In a recording she made, the alleged victim claimed that when she went to Ryan’s house and they were watching TV together, it was consensual at first, but then he started kissing her inappropriately. She then says he sexually assaulted her as she pleaded with him to stop.


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