Where is Chris Watts Now?

March 13, 2024

Since murdering his pregnant wife Shanann and daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, in August 2018, convicted killer Chris Watts has been behind bars. He’s serving five life sentences at Dodge Correctional Institute in Wisconsin after agreeing to a plea deal that spared him the death penalty.

In the months after the triple-murder, Watts has kept to himself. But he has been corresponding with a number of pen pals, most of whom are women.

One of these women penned a book in 2021 in which she detailed the crimes. Cherlyn Cadle wrote that Watts confirmed the grisly details of his crime, including that he buried Shanann in a shallow grave and dumped the girls’ bodies into oil tanks.

While it’s unclear whether he’s in general population or in protective custody, Levine believes that it’s likely he’s isolated from other prisoners for his own protection. If he were in the same place as other inmates, “someone would get to him,” she says.

But Watts has also reportedly grown close to a fellow inmate named Dylan Tallman, who insists that his friend is innocent of the murders. The pair are said to have bonded so much that they even self-published a book of prayers together in 2021, reports Inside Edition. It’s not clear what the relationship is based on, but it may have to do with a shared interest in religion. They’ve also exchanged letters, and Watts has occasionally referred to his children in his prayers.


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