Where is Chris Latham Now?

January 22, 2024

CHARLESTON, South Carolina -- A former bank executive is facing murder charges in the alleged plot to kill his estranged wife during their bitter divorce. CBS affiliate WCSC reports Chris Latham, 50, was arrested last week. He is accused of hiring his live-in girlfriend and her ex-husband to kill his wife, Nancy Cannon. "To see the man that I lived with and loved for so many years come in shackled was just absolutely heartbreaking," she told the station.

The case against Latham, a Bank of America executive, and his co-defendants, Rachel Palmer and Samuel Yenawine, came to light after Aaron Wilkinson confessed to police in April 2013. Police say he made the confession after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, where they found a gun and ammunition in his car. The plan was thwarted, but Yenawine hanged himself in jail later that year.

Latham's attorneys argued in court that prosecutors have no evidence of his involvement in the plot. They also claim that prosecutors are using a key witness, Wilkinson, against his client. They argue that he is a liar who has not mentioned Latham in any of the conspiracy recordings that have been made. During the trial, Latham did not take the stand. Moore, Yenawine and Palmer were convicted. Yenawine committed suicide in prison in June. The case will next go to trial on March 9. To hear more about this story, tune in to Dateline’s original podcast, Murder & Magnolias. It’s available now wherever you get your podcasts.


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