Where is Charles Cosby Now?

September 8, 2023

Griselda Blanco was a Colombian drug lord who made millions in the cocaine trade and amassed a sizeable personal fortune. She was ruthless, vicious, and jealous. She reportedly killed over a dozen people in her heyday and was also involved in smuggling tons of powdered cocaine into the United States. Her most trusted hit man was Jorge Rivi Ayala. She once threatened to kidnap President John F Kennedy Jr. but she was thwarted by Charles Cosby who informed the FBI about her plan.

In Cocaine Cowboys 2, Cosby narrates the story of his association with the Godmother of Cocaine. He isn’t as flamboyant or showy as the movie’s leading lady, but he still has a certain charisma that makes the film compelling.

He started out as a small time cocaine dealer in the inner city of Oakland, California. But his life was changed when he wrote a fan letter to Blanco — immortalized in Rakontur’s original Cocaine Cowboys — while she was serving time in a federal prison. Six months later, he was her lover and the head of her $40 million a year cocaine business.

He impressed Griselda with his loyalty and skills. Eventually, he rose to become her right-hand man. He handled money laundering, managed drug trafficking and established networks of distribution for her cartel. He was also close with two of Griselda’s sons, Michael and Oswaldo. Eventually, they all ended up in prison together. However, despite all of the perks associated with being in the drug business, Cosby was not immune to the legal repercussions and was ultimately arrested and served fourteen years in prison.


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