Where is Cedric Lee Now?

September 7, 2023

Cedric Lee, who is known for his media presence and controversies in the entertainment industry, has recently been involved in a serious case that made the headlines. He was accused of beating up a TV host and model, Vhong Navarro. According to reports, the incident happened in 2014.

After being involved in a number of media controversies and scandals, Cedric Lee was arrested. The businessman and contractor is currently facing serious illegal detention and grave coercion charges.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) confirmed on Monday that arrest warrants were issued against Deniece Cornejo, Bernice Lee, Cedric Lee, Simeon Palma Raz Jr, Jose Paolo Gregorio Calma, Ferdinand Guerrero, and Jed Fernandez. They are all charged with kidnapping and grave coercion in connection with the mauling of Navarro on January 22.

In a ruling penned by Associate Justice Angelene Mary Quimpo-Sale, the Court of Appeals denied Lee’s motion to quash the serious illegal detention case filed by Navarro. The CA said Lee failed to substantiate his claim that the trial court committed grave abuse of discretion in denying his demurrer to evidence.

In a separate news, the Court of Appeals has dismissed a P74.4 million tax evasion case against Cedric Lee and two others. The ruling was based on insufficient evidence presented by the prosecution. The two men were also convicted of smuggling and violating the Foreign Exchange Control Act, among other charges.


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