Where is Catherine Shelton Now?

September 7, 2023

Catherine Shelton is a former defense attorney with an intriguing past. She was involved in many murder cases and also had some very dark personal moments. She has been connected to numerous deaths, including the murder of a young boy. It seemed that death followed her wherever she went.

In the 1970s, she was in a relationship with a newspaper reporter named Gary Taylor. He was a fixture at the courthouse in Harris County and got to know her pretty well. At one point, Shelton was even charged with attempted murder but escaped this charge. She later was charged with aggravated assault and received probation. She was also temporarily barred from practicing law, but would later convince a judge to set aside her conviction.

After a few more years, Shelton would get her law license back and eventually move to Dallas, Texas where she married a man named Clint Shelton. It was around this time that Shelton was named with a client in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by George Tedesco's family - but the case never made it to trial. Shelton's connection to this case and to another client, Tommy Bell, would also end up with him being found dead of a gunshot wound in his home.

Shelton denied any involvement in these cases, but they did not go away. Several of the people she knew continued to die under mysterious circumstances throughout the years, which would prompt intense speculation and media protection.


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