Where is Casey Bishop Now?

September 7, 2023

After gaining huge popularity after competing in the popular reality show American Idol season 19 with her impressive vocal range and original punk-rock persona, Casey Bishop continued to impress music fans. The singer from Estero, Florida has been making a name for herself in the industry as one of the most promising rock artists of our time. She has a unique style that creates a cross between 2000’s Avril Lavigne and modern alt-pop Billie Eilish.

Casey is currently preparing her debut EP. She has already released three songs including her latest single Bad Dream which is a powerful song about the pain of losing someone special. She also teased a new song titled Blurry Vision which is expected to release on September 28.

The 17-year-old firecracker could easily go toe-to-toe with the Demi Lovatos of the world, but instead chooses to belt alongside the rock greats of the past and present. Her soaring, invigorating voice and girl-next-door personality have garnered her a huge following on social media.

She recently recorded a paranoid-filled song called “Bad Dream” with producer Chris Greatti, who has worked with the likes of Yungblud, Blink-182, and Poppy. She has yet to reveal the inspiration behind the song but says it is a good mix of rock and pop.

Apart from her musical career, the young singer is also a YouTuber who uploads covers of various songs on her self-titled YouTube channel. She has a huge following on her channel and is earning a good amount of money from it.


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