Where is Carol From Hoarders Now?

March 15, 2024

Despite the good intentions of "Hoarders," the show is still a heart-wrenching viewing experience for viewers. Some episodes of the show have even ended in tragedy. One hoarder, who appeared on the show in Season 3, was so sick from her condition that she was removed from her home by adult protective services. Her son, who is seen in the episode, told the crew that she never came back to live with her again.

One thing that's common with these types of clean-ups is that the people who are forced to throw out everything in their homes will often revert to their old ways. That's what happened with Carol, who was featured on the show in Season 3. In an update episode that aired two years after her first appearance, she was back to her old habits. Her kitchen had a pile of expired food that drew bugs, and her bedroom was covered in clutter and pet hair.

She was also acting out in her house, arguing with the cleaning team and psychologist who come to her house. Her side-b!tch paranoia was on full display as she claims the cleaning crew is out to get her and snaps at her family. As for Dave, he feels helpless as his wife refuses to take responsibility for her hoarding. It's a sad ending for a woman who once lived in a beautiful mansion with her loving family.


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