Where is Brittany Smith Now?

January 23, 2024

Brittany Smith was arrested again on Thursday for violating her probation, according to Jackson County records. The mother of two was sentenced to jail and will be released in December, according to the county’s online jail schedule.

Brittany, who is a former addict, had been on the path to stability. She had a steady job, passed a home evaluation for child custody and was close to getting her kids back from social services. Then her world fell apart. She reached out to an acquaintance she knew from high school, pit bull breeder Todd Smith, to buy a puppy that he was selling. When he called to say he needed a place to stay for the night, she agreed.

But what followed was deadly. A sex assault nurse documented more than 30 wounds including bruises, bite marks and signs of strangulation on her body, State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith reveals. He then raped her. Within 48 hours, she shot him dead in her kitchen.

The harrowing case caught the nation’s attention and raised questions about how abused women are treated in the criminal justice system. It is now the subject of a riveting new Netflix true crime documentary.

The streaming service is debuting “State of Alabama vs. Brittany” on November 10. Watch the film here. PEOPLE’s True Crime newsletter brings you breaking murder news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases. Sign up here.


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