Where is Bridezilla Karen Now?

September 7, 2023

Where is bridezilla karen now

This article is all about the infamous Bridezilla from season 6 of the show, Karen Refaeli. Karen and her husband Lee Simons are still together and they live in one of the cities in New York. Karen continues to use her maiden name, Simons, as her surname.

A whirlwind of drama is in store for these out-of-control brides. From epic meltdowns to shocking revelations, it’s a season full of highs and lows for these Bridezillas.

Southern Bridezilla Courtney Cray takes on a Clue-themed murder mystery wedding, but her drama isn’t limited to the planning stages! Between crushed centerpieces and a smashed wedding cake, she’s proving that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

California Bridezilla Valerie Nieto has a case of instant karma when her venue is in the path of raging wildfires. Her temper flares even more when she learns that her wedding day may be pushed back due to the dangerous situation.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma Bridezilla Lacey Jordan’s sisters give her a horrible at-home dye job, and she demands that her fiance sell his blood to pay for a professional fix. She also bullies her bridesmaids and goes head to head with her former best friend.

New York Latina Diva Bridezilla Josaine can’t seem to stay within her budget, and she terrorizes those who remain on her side. She’s a whirlwind of emotions, causing her entourage to flee in droves! She’s a psychotic diva all the way down the aisle.


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