Where is Brice Rhodes Now?

September 7, 2023

In May of 2016, Louisville rapper Brice Rhodes shot and killed 14-year-old Larry Ordway and his brother Maurice Gordon. His motive was that the brothers had witnessed him murder a man he thought was a gang member with a bounty on his head.

While it is not known what Brice Rhodes did before he was arrested for the triple homicide, he had been involved in numerous crimes, including armed robbery and domestic assault. He also served time in jail for burglary and criminal confinement. His mother, Marie Wren, has stated that she was aware of his involvement in gangs and drug dealing, but did not prevent him from hanging out with underage youths.

The teenagers would accompany him on robberies and drug sales, as well as his other bad habits. He would show them money and weapons in pictures he uploaded to social media, which should have raised alarms for their parents. But the boys trusted Rhodes and believed all his lies that he was important, famous and lived quite the gangster life.

The boys were abused by Rhodes, who often took them away from their home and put them into his group of friends. He did not allow them to go back to their mothers and made them believe that he was the savior for their lives. He also gave them expensive clothing and a good diet of drugs and alcohol. This caused their mothers to become very worried and ask for help from police.


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