Where Is Brendan Murray Now?

November 15, 2023

Brendan Murray is a talented singer who was a member of the Irish boy band Hometown. He has also appeared on the X Factor series and represented Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. He was born in Tuam, County Galway on November 16, 1996.

After a whirlwind two years where they supported acts like Olly Murs and McBusted, Hometown decided to split up so that each member could pursue their own music career. Brendan auditioned for the X Factor in 2018. He made it through to the semi-final but was not successful in making the final.

While Brendan was on the show, he performed his song Dying to Try which was a hit in Ireland. He has since released a solo single called No Regrets. He is also a professional singer for hire who can perform at events and parties around the United Kingdom.

When he auditioned for The X Factor, you could see his nerves written all over his face. He was nervous that he would flub his performance. Fortunately, Simon gave him a lifeline by asking him to go backstage and suggest a song that was more suited for his voice.

Simon suggested that he take a look at Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work. This was the perfect song for Brendan’s voice. He sang the song flawlessly and got through to the next round.


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