Where is Bill Gothard Now?

November 11, 2023

The institute leader who made the Duggar family famous has lost his fame after accusations of sexu@l h@rassment. He stepped down as the head of IBLP, but where is bill gothard now?

Founded in 1961, the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) is an ultra-conservative Christian organization known for its homeschooling and religious teachings. The group was founded by Bill Gothard, who has never married and has never been convicted of any crimes. In 2014, IBLP members accused Gothard of sexual misconduct and creating a culture of abuse within the group. He denied the allegations and stepped down from his leadership role.

While Gothard no longer leads IBLP, his teachings and ideas remain influential in the religious world. He speaks at events and lectures on topics such as spiritual success principles and family dynamics. He has also published several books.

In his spare time, Gothard enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and pets. He also teaches classes at his home church, the New Life Christian Center.

The New Life Christian Center is a non-profit organization based in La Grange, Illinois. The organization provides a range of educational and counseling services to families. The foundation focuses on providing a "safe and loving environment where people can learn, grow, and experience God’s goodness." Gothard's foundation has partnered with many other organizations to provide services to the community, including the local food bank. The organization has also supported a variety of charities through fundraisers.


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