Where is Big Show Now?

March 18, 2024

Paul Wight, known professionally as Big Show, is a veteran of the pro wrestling industry who has wrestled for two decades. He has won numerous championships and racked up a huge number of appearances on the grandest stage of them all, WWE’s main event WrestleMania. Throughout his time in the world’s biggest wrestling promotion, he has transformed his character numerous times and switched from heel to face.

He first broke into the wrestling business as Andre the Giant’s son, but he would go on to wrestle as The Big Show with the WWF in 1995 and subsequently the WWE. During his time in Vince McMahon’s promotion, he won four World Championships and held the Intercontinental and United States title many times over.

During his run with the main roster, Show feuded with a number of top talent, including Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and Triple H himself. He even teamed up with Chris Jericho to form a tag team known as Jeri-Show, who won the WWF Tag Team Championship twice.

In recent years, Big Show has been able to focus on his personal fitness, which has seen him reshape into a lean fighting machine. He has kept fans up to date on his transformation by showcasing his new physique in a variety of Instagram posts.


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