Where is Bella Taylor Smith Now?

November 11, 2023

After winning the show, Bella became a star overnight and everyone loved her for her strong singing skills. She had a very positive and optimistic personality which helped her win the competition. She also came out with her debut EP with EMI music. She thanked everyone for their support and love.

Bella Taylor Smith is a popular Australian singer and songwriter. She gained immense popularity after she participated in The Voice Australia in 2021 and won the contest. She then went on to release a number of singles and EPs. She also gave a stunning performance at the ARIA Music Awards. She is a vocal powerhouse who can sing any type of song with ease. She has also toured extensively with the likes of Pentatonix across the country.

Currently, she is working on her new music project. Her fans are eagerly waiting for her new album. She is also planning to go on her first solo tour. In order to promote her new album, she is also active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

While it is clear that Bella is very dedicated to her work, fans are curious about her personal life. She has never revealed anything about her love life, but she has been associating with a man named Josh Cole. She has often thanked him for his constant support through her Instagram posts. This made fans speculate that he could be her boyfriend. He has also been seen with her on several occasions.


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