Where Is Bassnectar Now?

November 19, 2023

Three years after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced and amid an ongoing lawsuit, electronic producer Bassnectar (real name Lorin Ashton) appears to be making a comeback. With a new mixtape, an ambitious website, and his social media accounts wiped clean, the musician looks to be trying to make an impact on the scene again.

For many years, Bassnectar built a massive following that he referred to as his "bassheads." The fans were fervent, and they were loyal. It was a community that grew out of love for the DJ's momentous electro and ambitious live shows, which frequently featured circus performers and musical collaborators. As he gained power within this community, it became clear that the line between adoration and worship quickly blurred.

Amid the adulation, accusations of mistreatment began to emerge. A 2020 open letter from artist Mimi Page detailed unsettling experiences working with Ashton, including inappropriate comments and a lack of fair compensation. Other artists alleged a variety of problems with him, from profiting off their uncredited work to bullying and psychological abuse.

While many Bassheads have since resigned from the group and stopped attending shows, some remain invested in the cause. Some have started the @evidenceagainstbassnectar account, which features personal written accounts, email records, direct message history, and recorded phone conversations. It is a safe space for the victims to share their stories. The accounts have been shared in several major music publications, with some of the most shocking posts receiving national attention.


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