Where is Barbora Skrlova Now?

January 24, 2024

The 33-year-old woman who fooled teachers, police and support workers into believing she was a 13-year-old boy dubbed "Adam" has been arrested in Norway. Barbora Skrlova's story has captured global attention for her ability to manipulate people based on her youthful appearance. She was able to do this because of her condition, hypopituitarism, which makes her look smaller and younger than other people her age.

Klara and Katerina Mauerova, two sisters in their 30s, met her while studying pedagogy at university and took her into their home. She was a very skilled manipulator and she told them tragic childhood stories so they took her in and planned to adopt her.

During her time at the home she claimed to be very sick and needed lots of medical appointments, but would only let Klara take her. After a few months the sisters became suspicious and they realized she wasn't a child but a mature woman.

After a short trial, she was found not guilty of deceiving staff at the children's home but was immediately rearrested to stand trial on more serious charges of abusing two young boys. The brothers were beaten and tortured, made to eat their own vomit, and locked in a cupboard.

It remains unclear if Skrlova is an accomplice in these crimes or if she was simply the victim of a sinister cult. It also remains unclear if the cult was founded by her father, who is currently on the run.


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