Where Is Barbara Mason Now?

November 19, 2023

Where Is Barbara Mason Now?

Sweet-voiced singer-songwriter Barbara Mason exemplified what is known as Philly Soul during the 60s. The Pennsylvania native wrote much of her own material and, in 1965, penned one of the most classic songs of all time with "Yes I'm Ready". She is known as a truly unique female soul artist. Her music reveals a young girls journey to womanhood and has been recorded, covered and sampled by an array of artists from R&B and HipHop to Pop and Jazz.

Barbara began her singing career at the age of twelve winning local talent shows with a group she formed that consisted of male and female members. She moved from small local labels to the national record giant Arctic in the early 1960s. When she landed a big hit in "Yes I'm Ready" the next year, she found herself as a star.

Mason stayed on the charts with the release of her follow-up hit singles "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" and a cover version of the Shirley Brown hit "Woman To Woman". After two albums with Arctic, Barbara Mason signed to Buddah Records. She was unable to duplicate the success of her earlier releases, and her last Top 10 hit came in 1975 with the song "Shackin' Up".

In the 1980s Barbara Mason largely left the entertainment industry to concentrate on running her own publishing company. She does, however, perform occasionally. Her most recent performance was in the Greek Theater in Los Angeles to sold out audiences. She has a new CD, Feeling Blue, released in 2007.


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