Where is Apostle David Taylor Now?

March 15, 2024

After he was first saved by Jesus Christ in 1989 when he was 17 years old living a worldly life and street gang lifestyle, he became a fervent disciple of Jesus Christ. At this point, the Lord started to regularly appear to him in a very intimate and personal way (many of these encounters are detailed in Taylor’s best-selling book, Face to Face Appearances from Jesus)! Out of this relationship, the miracle ministry was born. The Lord has done massive miracles and deliverances including entire drug rings being destroyed, sex slave trafficking stopped, blind eyes opened, deaf ears heard and even the dead brought back to life!

Then, like many other snake-oil salesmen including Benny Hinn, Taylor began to live in large mansions and glorify himself. He has also written fantastical books claiming to have multiple times traveled to heaven and to meet with Jesus face to face! He promotes his ministry on television by displaying crutches and wheelchairs of people that he claims have been healed.

In 2021, Taylor’s Joshua Media Ministries lost its tax-exempt status due to failing to file the informative IRS Form 990 for three consecutive years. However, he hasn’t stopped his money-raising gimmicks that include internet websites, social media, mass emails and US mail. In fact, Taylor is now soliciting donations from unsuspecting donors through his sister organization known as Kingdom of God Global Church (KOGC)! This is a very unsavory and illegal practice that will eventually get this church shut down if it continues.


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