Where Is Amber Wright Now 2022?

September 8, 2023

Where Is Amber Wright Now 2022

During the second episode of Killer Women Piers Morgan meets Amber Wright the 15 year old who conspired with her friends to murder her teenage boyfriend. The girl was sentenced to life in prison for her role and is currently at Homestead Correctional Institution in Florida where she will remain until her sentence is finished.

Assistant State Attorneys Amy Berndt and Robin Arnold cast the murder as an escalation of animosity between Seath Jackson and his ex-girlfriend, Amber Wright, who had broken up on poor terms, and between Seath and another co-defendant, Michael Bargo, whom Wright dated after the breakup.

Bargo instructed Wright to lure Jackson to a home in Summerfield, where she would ambush him and shoot him. According to court records, Wright agreed to meet Jackson there.

The group then beat him and shot him repeatedly, then threw the body in a backyard fire pit. Days later, the teens threw the ashes and remaining parts of the body into paint buckets they dumped at a quarry. The five were quickly arrested, with each receiving a different sentence.

Kyle Hooper got a life sentence, Michael Bargo received a death sentence, James Havens got 30 years for accessory to murder, and Justin Soto took a plea deal to avoid the death penalty and was sentenced to life in prison. Wright was convicted of first-degree murder and given a lifetime sentence in 2012. An appellate decision brought her back to Marion County for a retrial in January, but she received the same conviction.


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