Where is Alice Lundgren Now?

September 7, 2023

where is alice lundgren now

Alice Lundgren, the wife of cult leader Jeffrey Lundgren and mother to his teen-age son Damon, is working in a doctor's office in San Diego and has not contacted her husband or son since their arrests in connection with the ritualistic killings of an Ohio family. Her attorney, Kathleen Sunday, denied that she was cooperating with investigators and said that her client was "very relieved that her family is safe."

Lundgren led the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (now the Community of Christ), which he founded in 1986 after breaking away from mainstream Mormons. He and his followers believed that doomsday was imminent and that it would be necessary to move to the Kirtland, Ohio area to receive the laws of God.

In April 1987, the Avery family moved from Missouri to join the group. They were murdered in April 1989 when Lundgren told members that God had told him to kill the family, which included Dennis and Cheryl, their daughters Trina, 15, Rebecca, 13, and Karen, 7. Lundgren and two of his followers lured the Averys into a barn and duct-taped their mouths and hands. They then forced them into a pit where they were shot execution style.

The discovery of the five bodies in January 1990 resulted in massive, inflammatory statewide publicity and the arrest of Lundgren and his followers. The prosecutor of Lake County publically declared that they were the "most inhuman people this county has ever seen" and that they were going to die in the electric chair.


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