Where is Alexandra From Dr Phil Now?

April 25, 2024

When viewers first met Alexandra from the Dr. Phil Family in 2011, she was a young teen mom with three kids by three different fathers. Since that episode, we’ve seen her struggle through more traumatic experiences and even a failed marriage. Now, she’s back on the show and facing more questions about her future than ever before.

Alexandra shares that she’s struggling to cope with her feelings of anxiety and depression. She says she feels like her life is spinning out of control and that’s why she turns to drugs and alcohol for comfort.

She’s also been struggling to maintain a healthy relationship with her children. Her parents, Erin and Martin, have been trying to get her to give their adopted son, Leilah, up for adoption, but she refuses to do so. Despite her financial situation, she says she spends thousands of dollars a month on makeup and clothing, so that she can look like the “bougie” person she portrays online.

As she tries to make amends with Erin, Marty, Katherine, and her kids, Alexandra says it’s important that she makes changes in her life so she can get them back. She hopes to continue her journey in recovery and stay connected with the Dr. Phil family as she works towards a healthier lifestyle.


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