Where is Abigail Simon Now?

September 7, 2023

Where is abigail simon now

A former Michigan high school tutor who was convicted of sexually assaulting a student and having a fling with him in 2013 will spend 8-25 years behind bars. She refused a plea-bargain and insisted on taking her case to trial.

She was found guilty on four of the five charges against her – three counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct and one count of accosting a minor for immoral purposes. Simon is expected to be sentenced in January. She was convicted for having sex with a male student under the statutory age of consent in Michigan and most other states.

During the trial, prosecutors used over 1,000 steamy text-messages between Simon and her alleged victim to depict her as a predatory pervert who targeted the girl for sex. The teen’s mother discovered the texts and told police.

The teen said their relationship was consensual and she called him “boo” and “baby girl.” Simon claimed that he physically and emotionally intimidated her.

The teen’s mother was vicious in her lust for vengeance and implored the judge to be severe in sentencing. The judge delivered on her wish and gave Simon the maximum sentence for a woman of her age. Among other things, she will be enslaved to the state for life and subject to quasi-totalitarian electronic parole-monitoring (and sex-offender registration) for life. She will never be allowed to work, teach or otherwise interact with children again.


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