Where is Abby the Spoon Lady Now?

November 11, 2023

A lot of people are wondering where is abby the spoon lady now? Abby Roach, better known as the Spoon Lady, is a folk percussionist who makes a living by playing the spoons. She picked up the skill in her late twenties while travelling around America hopping freight trains and staying in homeless encampments. Since then she has become a world-renowned street performer. She also works as a storyteller and an activist for free speech. She has been featured in several horror films and documentaries.

She is also the founder of Asheville Busker Collective, and she has recorded many of the city’s street performers for a documentary called “Buskin’ Blues”. Abby has also advocated for street performance in cities all over the country.

When she met one-man band Chris Rodrigues, he taught her to play guitar and he helped her improve her rhythms. The duo’s performance of a song called Angels in Heaven went viral on Facebook and YouTube, and it was amazing.

The video had over 200 million views in just a few months. It was also played on several music shows and festivals. The video was shot on a trailer park porch, but the talent of these two performers is beyond impressive.

Despite the success of their music videos, Abby and Chris prefer to stay in Asheville and continue busking. They have a very distinctive sound, which sets them apart from other musicians. They also love reworking and reinterpreting traditional gospel songs to give them their own twist.


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