Where is Aaron Solomon Now?

February 8, 2024

Gracie Solomon is just 14 years old, but she’s already had to rewrite her entire life after allegations of rape and sexual abuse by her father. She and her mother, Angelia, say their father Aaron Solomon abused the two of them, including sexually abusing Gracie. They’ve alleged he also killed their son Grant in a suspicious accident in 2020.

In the petition, the siblings call for a reinvestigation into Grant’s death. They argue that it’s not possible for Grant to be run over by his own truck in a freak accident, as authorities and Aaron claim. They allege foul play, including that a local church and its leadership conspired to cover up what happened.

What’s more, the petition points out that the church in question, Grace Chapel, is connected to several state leaders and legislators, including Governor Bill Lee and Senator Jack Johnson. It says that “everything about this narrative makes no sense,” and the whole story is riddled with suspect details, like a lack of police investigation into Grant’s death.

Despite all this, Judge Deanna Johnson ruled that Angelia’s claims were without merit and banned her from taking any civil actions against Aaron until their daughter is 18. The couple divorced in 2013, and a restraining order still keeps Aaron away from their children. Nevertheless, he’s still working at Merrill Lynch in Tennessee, and he filed an ugly lawsuit against 29 persons that looks a lot like a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP) and is intended to trash Angelia’s name to the public.


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