What is the Meaning of Watermelon Sugar?

July 31, 2023

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know what Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar' is all about. The tropical-inspired track first dropped at the end of 2019 before landing on his second album Fine Line and has been a go-to on many playlists since. Its cheeky lyrics have left countless fans wondering who the former One Direction star is singing about. While he's never officially revealed who the song is about, he has dropped hints about the meaning behind it and fans have put on their detective hats to decode clues about the lyrics.

Watermelon sugar is a natural sweetener with a high fructose content that can be obtained from the fruit of the watermelon plant (Citrullus lanatus). The high levels of fructose in the fruit make it especially suitable for use as a substitute for table sugar, with an equivalent amount of sweet taste per weight.

The song has been praised for its ability to create a summery, feel-good vibe, as well as being a perfect track to get dancing and partying to. The music video has also captivated the internet and was directed by Bradley & Pablo and shot in Malibu, California. It features a plethora of people enjoying the sunshine and licking their lips over Harry's raspy vocals, set to a repetitive horn and guitar-driven funk-pop beat.

Despite being streamed over 1 billion times on Spotify, it wasn't until this past Friday that Harry officially revealed what the 'Watermelon Sugar' is all on about. During a Love on Tour concert in Nashville, the singer told the crowd that he'd always thought the song was about his love of oral sexual pleasure. But when Apple Music's Zane Lowe asked him to clarify, he coyly sidestepped the question.


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