What Is Rihanna Meaning When She Sings "Work" With Drake?

March 7, 2023

work rihanna meaning

Rihanna's newest song, "Work" with Drake, has taken the world by storm. The track is a club hit that was released Wednesday morning, and it's already been streamed over 15 million times on YouTube.

Work is the first single from her upcoming album, Anti. The track features some caribbean influences, a standard hip-hop beat and a synthesized hook.

The lyrics on the track describe a love story that isn't going as well as expected. The singer is looking for a deeper connection with her lover, but he only wants to spend time with her in the bedroom and doesn't appreciate how much she sacrifices for him.

She tries to get him to understand that she's not just interested in bedtime with him, but she's also a strong, independent woman who doesn't want to be used by her man. She reaches out to him in the song and reminds him of all the things she has given up for him, but he still doesn't listen.

When her heart is broken, she's afraid that she will be unable to love him again. She also feels like she can't trust him to keep her safe.

It's a heartbreaking song, but the message it sends isn't one that can be ignored. The song's video is also a powerful political statement, tackling immigration issues and highlighting the contributions immigrant workers make to society.

People are really enjoying the music and are asking what it means, but some have found that they don't completely understand what Rihanna is trying to say even after listening to her lyric video on Genius. That's why Samantha Harvey, a singer who lives in Barbados and writes about her experiences with immigration on Facebook, created a cover of Rihanna's "Work" that reveals more insight into the lyrics.


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