What Is a Field Trip Meaning?

August 26, 2023

A field trip is a visit by students to gain first-hand knowledge away from the classroom, such as at a museum, factory or geological area. Often these trips are required as part of a class’ curriculum. They may also be used to complement classroom learning, such as providing context for historical or scientific data. In addition, academic field trips can be used to provide a more exciting educational experience for students, and as an incentive to learn.

These trips range from a short day trip to an overnight or out-of-state/country excursion. In order to ensure safety, faculty members should evaluate the location for any potential risks in advance of an academic field trip. The faculty member should then inform students of the risks involved, any expectations of behavior during the trip, and relevant emergency preparedness information. This discussion should be held at the beginning of the course or, for international travel, no later than a week prior to departure.

Sightseeing school trips are popular among students. Admiring well-known attractions, exploring historic structures and World Heritage Sites, unwinding in front of spectacular landscapes, and discovering indigenous cultures are incredible activities that gain huge interests from students and strongly inspire them. Immersing in local cultural life by joining immersive activities, staying at a homestay, taking language lessons and visiting the local markets also leave unforgettable experiences for students. In addition, touring specialty farms that grow regular or even irregular crops also arouse curiosity from students.


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