What Happened to You Book Review - Oprah Winfrey and Dr Bruce Perry Explain Trauma and Healing

November 10, 2023

'What Happened to You Book Review': Oprah Winfrey & Dr Bruce Perry Explain Trauma and Healing

The latest book from Oprah and renowned brain and trauma expert, Dr Bruce Perry, hit the bestseller list in just 24 hours. It’s a fascinating and deeply personal book, with Oprah sharing her memories of childhood trauma for the first time.

What’s unique about this book is that it uses a combination of scientific research and personal narratives to explore how trauma impacts the brain and body. This approach helps readers connect with the information in an empathetic and compassionate way. The authors encourage us to shift the question from “What’s wrong with you?” to “What happened to you?”, which enables individuals to understand their behavior and feel less alone.

Oprah and Dr Perry offer stories from their psychiatry practices as well as their own lives, making the book more accessible than other neuroscience books that can feel like medical textbooks. The audiobook version feels more like a conversation between the two authors than a traditional book and makes it easier to stay engaged.

I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of trauma and its impact on the brain and body. It’s also a great book for those who want to learn how to better support those who have experienced trauma or who are interested in developing more empathy and compassion in our society.


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