What Happened to Tim Tebow?

November 10, 2023

Throughout his NFL career, tim tebow had plenty of opportunities. He earned those chances, seized them and won. But this summer, the 34-year-old was a victim of the odds. He was cut from an NFL team — a team in his hometown of Jacksonville — on the first day of the preseason. And, after making a mess of his try to be a tight end (a position he has no business trying to learn on the fly at the NFL level at age 34), he was cut by his former college coach.

In a fairer league, where the best and most deserving players get the best opportunities, Tebow would have been a star player. He would have gotten a contract based on talent and promise, not on cronyism and potential jersey sales.

Tebow’s NFL career ended after just three seasons in which he completed only 47.9% of his passes and threw only 17 touchdowns with no interceptions. But he did fuel a frenzy, especially in the Broncos’ stirring 2012 playoff win against Pittsburgh in which Tebow’s read-option running was as crucial as his throwing.

In the years since, he’s focused on building his foundation to share his Christian beliefs and promote his anti-bullying message. He also works as an ESPN college football analyst and married Miss Universe 2021 Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. He and his wife run their own charitable organization, the Tim Tebow Foundation, which provides food, clothing, shelter, medication and education to orphans in seven countries.


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