What Happened to the Goldbergs Dad?

November 10, 2023

The Goldbergs has been on the air for nearly a decade, and that run is going to come to an end soon. Unless the ABC sitcom gets renewed for another near-decade, there's a good chance that we'll never see Murray Goldberg again. The series' patriarch was reportedly dropped from the show in 2021 after a human resources investigation was launched over allegations of inappropriate behavior on set, and he hasn't returned since. Keen-eyed viewers have noticed that Garlin's character has been absent from some episodes, and he appears in others in short bits that feel awkwardly shoehorned in. Now it looks like the series is moving on without him — and the cast might not be too happy about it.

The 10th season of the Goldbergs premiered on Sept. 21 and introduced a new member of the family, as Erica and Geoff get married. But a major part of the episode focused on the family dealing with their patriarch's death.

It's not clear exactly how Murray died — he could've been pushed in front of a train, or he might have succumbed to a previously unknown drug addiction. The Goldbergs chose to skip over the specifics in the cold open and simply say he passed away.

It's not the first hiccup for the show. Last year, comedian Bryan Callen was axed as the hyper-demanding gym teacher, and George Segal died in the middle of the ninth season. But The Goldbergs writers were able to quickly adapt to these disruptions and still deliver some of their best moments yet.


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