What Happened to the Corn Kid?

November 10, 2023

When a seven-year-old boy named Kyrie Barnes died in an apparent gang shooting, people all over the internet began to pay their condolences and homage to a kid they didn't even know. This kid is a little boy from Dallas who goes by the name of the 'corn kid.' The corn kid's passion for maize has gained him a large online following and a popular song in his honor. However, rumors have been circulating that the corn kid has passed away.

The rumor started when someone edited a screenshot of a real news article from NPR and made it look like the corn kid was found dead last Sunday in a gang related shooting. The altered image went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms. However, a quick search on NPR's website reveals that the actual article, written by Dustin Jones, never existed. It has since been revealed that the edit was a hoax created by some malicious internet pages to make people believe the corn kid had passed away.

Thankfully, the corn kid is still alive and well. He has been incredibly busy since his rise to fame, appearing on a number of talk shows and other media outlets. In fact, he was recently named the official 'Corn-bassador' of South Dakota because of how much his state depends on corn for its economy.


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