What Happened to Steve on Shameless?

November 10, 2023

As the Showtime series enters its final season, fans are wondering what happened to steve on shameless. Justin Chatwin, who played Fiona Gallagher's love interest Jimmy Lishman/Steve Wilton, first appeared on the show in the first episode. The smooth-talking manizer had a complicated relationship with Fiona and a fascinating backstory that included a stolen car, a shady past, a fake name and a rich family he kept hidden. He was presumed dead in Season 3, but he returned two seasons later, and Fiona broke up with Gus (Steve Kazee) to be with Jimmy. But the reunion was short-lived, and Steve departed again after only three episodes.

At the time, Chatwin was very emotional about saying goodbye to his character and the cast. He even shed a tear in his trailer, which is a rarity on the set of Shameless. Emmy Rossum said she felt like she lost a part of herself with his departure.

Fans were shocked when the show resurrected Jimmy/Steve in the fourth season. He was forced onto a boat by his Brazilian drug-lord father, who assumed he had been killed, but he survived. He returned to Chicago two years later, this time under the alias Jack, and tried to win Fiona over again. But her feelings for him were too sour. Ultimately, the writers decided that his story had come full circle and it was time for him to leave again. However, there are signs that he could make a return in the future.


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