What Happened to Sloane Umbrella Academy in Season Four?

November 10, 2023

At the end of season three, the Umbrella Academy saves the world from the Kugelblitz by resetting the universe. But when Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) pushed the reset button, it appears that not everyone was brought back to this new timeline — including Sloane Hargreeves. Sloane was seen as the newest member of the Sparrow Academy and she quickly developed a crush on Luther (Tom Hopper). When the Umbrella Academy siblings and their Sparrow rivals emerge from the Hotel Obsidian elevator, they are shocked to find that they do not have powers anymore. And that’s because the original Sloane has disappeared!

Actress Genesis Rodriguez plays Sloane in the Netflix series. She is number five in the Sparrow Academy and she has the ability to manipulate gravity, allowing her to float above the ground or suspend her enemies in midair. Sloane and Luther develop a strong attraction for one another which culminates in a charming impromptu wedding in episode 8. However, their happiness is short-lived as Reginald kills Luther in an attempt to persuade the Academy to enter the gateway into Hotel Oblivion.

When the gang arrives at the portal, they discover that Sir Reginald has already drained their life force in order to power a machine he claims will help him reset the universe. He also explains that the black hole in the Academy’s basement is slowly destroying the other universes as well. As the Academy prepares to fight the guardians in a new version of Hotel Oblivion, they notice that their doppelgangers do not have any powers and that they are now without a Sloane to guide them. This leads fans to wonder what happened to Sloane umbrella academy and if she will return in season four.


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