What Happened to Rooster on the Ranch?

November 9, 2023

When The Ranch returned for a sixth season, many fans were wondering what happened to Rooster. The character was last seen in Part 5 when Mary's ex-boyfriend Nick threatened to harm the family if Rooster didn't leave town. Rooster grabbed his belongings and left, but he never came back.

When police find Rooster's motorcycle at the bottom of a cliff, they tell his father and brother that he died in the crash. Colt (Ashton Kutcher) refuses to go to his memorial service, however, because he still believes that Rooster faked his death. Later, he receives a package from Rooster that was sent before the motorcycle accident, finally convincing him that his brother really did die.

But even though he did die in the accident, there's always a chance that Rooster could return to The Ranch in some way. He's a beloved character, and his absence was felt by fans.

But as the show continues its final ten episodes, fans are wondering what will happen to Rooster. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Danny Masterson will be returning to the series because of multiple rape allegations against him that were backed up by a civil lawsuit filed by several women. The lawsuit also claims that Masterson was a member of a cult called The Church of Scientology, which is linked to a number of sexual assault accusations against the actor. The Church of Scientology denies the claims, but it's unlikely that Netflix would allow Masterson back to the show if he was facing serious legal troubles.


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