What Happened to Rain Brown on Alaskan Bush People?

November 10, 2023

When you follow the Alaskan Bush People franchise, you know that life on the ranch is not easy. But the family is always there to support one another. So when 19-year-old Rain Brown broke down on an episode, viewers were concerned about her mental health.

It was during a boat trip that she threw up due to sea sickness, and then asked her brother Gabe to drive the boat for her instead, that she seemed to hit rock bottom. It was a very difficult episode for everyone. Rain's breakdown revealed that she is still dealing with the grief of her late father, Billy Brown.

The family's patriarch died after suffering a seizure at the North Star Ranch in February 2021. And while losing someone you love is never easy, it's especially tough when the loss occurs in a public forum such as a reality show like Alaskan Bush People.

In the November 13 episode of Alaskan Bush People, Rain sought professional mental help because she was still grieving for her father. She explained that when she lost her dad, it felt like a part of her died with him.

While some fans have questioned Rain's mental state, others have offered her their undivided support. They have sent her loving messages and shown their concern for her, while also supporting the idea that it's okay to seek mental health help. In addition, some have even started a fundraising campaign to send her money so that she can afford to continue doing what she loves.


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