What Happened to Married at First Sight Australia Couples?

November 10, 2023

What happened to married at first sight australia

Married at First Sight does what it says on the tin – couples get matched by relationship experts and spend time on a romantic honeymoon before putting their marriages through multiple tests. While a lot of the couples end up staying together at the end, some don’t. The ninth season of the show just aired, and its reunion episodes revealed which couples had managed to last the distance and which ones had not.

It’s been four months since the show aired, but what exactly has happened to the remaining MAFS Australia couples?

Executive assistant Selin and her chef husband Anthony were one of the first couples to find love on the show. The pair decided to stay together on decision day and are still happy today, despite their bumpy journey. They have even become a family of two, with their little son Luca born in 2021.

Other couples who have stayed together include Iris Caldwell and her hairdresser hubby Keith. The pair appeared in the show’s six-month catch up episode and have bought a home together. They have also starred in the Couple’s Cam spinoff.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the same can be said for nurse and influencer Ning and her tradesman husband Sam. The pair ended up separating after Sam was seen flirting with another woman on a date with Ning, but Ning appears to be back in the dating game as she has uploaded a series of solo photos to her Instagram.


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