What Happened to Marilyn Monroe Body?

November 10, 2023

Marilyn Monroe was a famous sex symbol, model, and actress who tragically died of a barbiturates overdose at age 36. Her death would spark a number of mysteries surrounding her life and career. One such mystery surrounds the disappearance of her body after she passed away. It was reported that her body went missing for a few hours after her death. This has given rise to a number of conspiracy theories, but there is no hard evidence that proves that her body was taken or tampered with in any way.

It is important to note that the body of Marilyn Monroe was taken to the morgue shortly after she died. It was reportedly driven to the morgue by her housekeeper, Eunice Murray. It took a total of six hours to arrive at the morgue. The length of time that the body was at the morgue has been used to fuel rumors that her body was stolen by members of an underground society of necrophiliacs.

One of the people who was in charge of preparing Monroe’s body for the funeral said that she was almost unrecognizable when they removed the sheets. He claimed that she looked swollen and discoloured due to the position she was in when she died. He also said that the blood rushing to her neck made it difficult to see her face.

The body of Marilyn Monroe was eventually claimed by her ex-husband Joe DiMaggio and laid to rest in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery along with other stars such as Dean Martin, Truman Capote, and Donna Reed. While her cause of death may be a mystery, the fascination with the beautiful and talented star will always remain.


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