What Happened to Kim Pegula?

November 10, 2023

Unlike most NFL owners, who are older and retired, Kim Pegula is still active in her role as the co-owner of the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. She's also a member of the NFL's workplace diversity committee, business ventures committee and the NFL foundation committee and is president of Pegula Sports and Entertainment.

The 53-year-old is the first female to own both an NFL and NHL franchise. She's one of just a handful of women owners in the entire league. Pegula and her husband, Terry, also own a natural gas company and a regional sports network.

It's been a year since the co-owner suffered cardiac arrest at her Florida home. In a poignant essay published on Tuesday for The Players' Tribune, her daughter Jessica detailed the incident for the first time. She credits her sister Kelly with performing CPR, which along with paramedics, saved her mother's life.

Jessica's essay made a point to highlight how harrowing a cardiac arrest can be. She also noted the similarities between her mother's experience and the one of Bills safety Damar Hamlin, who also suffered from cardiac arrest during an NFL game last month.

Kim Pegula is making good progress in her recovery. She's been working in her office again and even attended the team's training camp practice on Sunday, which her daughter described as a big step forward for her. She may not be able to fully resume her roles as president of two professional sports teams, but the hope is that she will return at some point.


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