What Happened to Kiely Rodni?

November 10, 2023

Kiely Rodni disappeared after attending a party with hundreds of people in Truckee, California, on August 6, but her body and car have now been recovered. A volunteer group called Adventures With Purpose said it found her vehicle upside down in the Prosser Creek Reservoir with her body inside at 14 feet of water, and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that it was indeed the missing 16-year-old.

In a tearful video, Rodni’s mother Lindsey Rodni-Nieman pleaded for her daughter to come home in a plea that went viral, and multiple law enforcement agencies were brought in to pursue more than 1,800 tips. But it was on the day before the teen’s birthday that police would come to the conclusion that they were going to scale back their search efforts.

Rodni’s disappearance came after she attended a graduation party with hundreds of people at the Prosser Family Campground. She told her mother in a text message that she was planning on leaving the party and heading home in 45 minutes. But the teen never arrived, and her phone’s location pings were last recorded at 12:36am at the campground.

Her car was found several hundred feet away from the campground, and a search involving air, ground, and water bodies was launched. By August 21, a private team of divers was called in, and they were able to locate her vehicle in the reservoir with her body still inside. A coroner has now ruled her death accidental.


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